What Do Hippos & Heavy Duty Roadway Have in Common?

Photo of hippos in mud

Here’s a little teaser for a Friday.

What do hippos and Heavy Duty Roadway have in common?

Did you know that a fully grown Large Hippo (as opposed to a Pigmy Hippo) can weigh up to 3.5 tonnes?

Did you know that our heavy duty roadway can carry weights of up to 100 tonnes?

This means that 28 adult hippos and a baby hippo can walk across our roadway at once! That’s a lot of hippos.

Not only could they walk across our roadway on the hard surfaces of Africa, they could also walk across it on the muddy fields of a British summer festival site as heavy duty roadway is perfect for allowing access over very soft ground.

Now, we are not expecting to be asked for heavy duty roadway so that 28.5 hippos can walk across it – but it’s nice to know that we could if we were.

So what do hippos and heavy duty roadway have in common? They both like wallowing in mud! (Sorry but it’s been a long week).