Tighter Event Regulations Call for Secure Fencing

Event Fencing

Our secure event fence panels

With event security getting ever stricter and more tightly regulated, your event fencing is important. Your license no doubt depends on a maximum amount of people that the venue can hold and to go over this with people bypassing official entrances could put your event at risk.

Glastonbury Festival hit headlines when it erected its permanent mega-fence in 2002 to keep out the tens of thousands of people that used to break in every year. If your goal is to keep out non-paying members of the public, then you need to consider how easy the event fence will be to climb, whether there are any obstacles that will stop you erecting a continuous fence and how you are going to guard it.

You may also need to consider emergency access to the event and how event vehicles will be able to move around the site. With a packed venue, you may need to cordon off a dedicated roadway for this, which will need to be fenced in to stop people milling about on it.

A VIP area for any press, high profile attendees and performers at your event, will also need to be securely fenced in.

We provide event security fencing, which is secure and cost effective. Our fencing can be erected to the height of 2.5m or 3.55m depending on your security needs. Contact us for a quote today.