Temporary Roadway Safe Access

Photo of a helicopter on an aluminium roadway pad

Temporary Roadway for Helicopters!

Last week we posted recommendations from the Purple Guide concerning safe site access.

As we said in the post, it is often difficult to provide access due to the temporary nature of many events and their location – often in the countryside, nearly always in fields.

As events themselves are temporary, it stands to reason that the infrastructure surrounding them also has to be temporary which is why we offer a wide range of temporary roadway and car parking.

Our temporary roadway is designed to be installed and removed quickly and we offer a wide range of products depending on your requirements:

Between these products we are able to supply temporary roadway for HGVs, cars and pedestrians and can use it to create car, HGV, even helicopter parking!

Call us now if you would like to discuss your temporary roadway needs to ensure that everyone involved in your event has safe access to and around the site.