Temporary Roadway/Carpark for Private Parties

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We had a job this week that involved installing some temporary roadway access and car parking at a private residence somewhere in the UK.

Most people when they think of temporary roadway and temporary car parks think of access to festivals, concerts, and on film locations but you will be surprised to know that we have a large number of calls from private customers and not just festival organisers and film makers.

If you think about it, it shouldn’t be so surprising.  Every day there are private parties, weddings, charity events etc being held all over the country and quite often they are being held at private venues not geared up for large occasions.

Naturally, extra car parking is needed and Autotrak are called in to provide protection for the surface and vehicles because the car park is often on the lawn or a nearby field.  To get to and from this temporary car park it is quite usual to need some temporary roadway too – there’s no point in providing a temporary car park if people can’t get to it without ruining the grass or getting bogged down when the field turns muddy.

So if you are thinking about having a private party and you need temporary car parking or roadway think about Autotrak too.  We are always here to help and very easy to contact.