Temporary Portable Roadway Survey

Image of Autotrak staff on a surveyWhen deciding which temporary portable roadway you need for your event you have to ask yourself a number of questions:

  1. Where is it going to go?  – Is the location of your event easily accessible or in a forest, across many fields or up a mountain?
  2. How is it going to be used? – Are you providing roadway for heavy vehicles, buggies, cars and caravans, people?
  3. What are the ground conditions?  – Do you need temporary portable roadway over soft, boggy, firm, rocky or uneven surfaces?
  4. When is it going to be used? – Will bad weather affect your event and the enjoyment of your clients, do you need to ensure that traffic doesn’t get stuck in the mud?

The answers will determine the type of portable roadway you need but the easiest way is to let us do a free, no obligation, site survey for you.  We will visit your location and talk you through all of the things you need to think about and together we will find the right solution for your event and budget.

Autotrak are here to make things easier for you so give us a ring (the number’s at the top of the page) and find out how we can help.