Autotrak Wedding and Party Trackway

Weddings & Parties

If you are planning a wedding or party and need marquee flooring, temporary car parking or walkways installed please don’t hesitate to contact Autotrak.

Marquee Flooring

Our lightweight yet strong Super Track Flooring will protect any ground surface and makes an ideal flooring for marquees where ever the location.

Temporary Car Park

Autotrak have a number of products suitable for creating temporary car parking depending on the location, ground surface or amount of traffic (we can even install helicopter landing pads if you need one).

Pedestrian Walkway

If you have chosen an outside location for your wedding or party you will want to make it easy, safe and practical for your guests to move around the venue.  Autotrak’s walkway solutions make all of this possible quickly and easily.

No matter how large or small your plans are, Autotrak will be happy to provide effective and suitable advice to ensure that you we install what is needed at the best possible price.