Autotrak’s superb products and excellent service are used in a wide range of sectors and are especially popular in the following:

Film & TV Production

Television has been a large part of the Autotrak portfolio since it’s beginnings. We have had the pleasure of working many television productions and returning to most of them several times.

Festivals & Concerts

Easy access to the festival concert arena for production crew and the public is essential and Autotrak have the necessary experience to solve all site access issues. ┬áThe weather also famously plays a part in the British festival season so Autotrak’s pedestrian walkways and portable roadways ensure that the show does go on.

Sporting Events

From rugby, to tennis and the Olympics, Autotrak have been involved in helping some of the biggest sporting venues in the UK stage fantastic events.

Weddings & Parties

Large or small, Autotrak provide flooring and roadways and temporary car parks for weddings and parties.

Outdoor Events

We provide temporary trackway for many types of outdoor event, from agricultural shows to horse trials and our products are used throughout the UK and Europe.