Autotrak Festival Roadway

Super Track Flooring

Manufactured solely in the UK our Super Track Flooring is used at events and festivals for pedestrian walkways and is also ideal for marquee flooring.

Super Track Flooring protects grass surfaces, enables access on-site and keeps visitors dry in wet and muddy conditions.

Made from recyclable polypropylene each tile measures 1m x 200mm and can easily be laid by one person.

Festival Walkways

Super Track Flooring is both lightweight and strong and is the best pedestrian walkway solution for events and festivals.  Being lightweight it is easily and quickly installed and de-rigged yet strong enough to deal with high volumes of pedestrian traffic.

Marquee Flooring Hire

The lightweight yet strong and durable properties of Super Track Flooring make it perfect for marquee flooring hire.  Its strength makes it suitable for large numbers of guests as well as ground protection for heavy structures such as staging and bars.  Being quick to install and take out means you can cut down on marquee set up and de-rig times.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more information or advice about our Super Track Flooring or any other portable roadway products.

Technical Specifications
Construction Material:  Recyclable Polypropylene
Unit Dimensions:  1000mm x 200mm
Unit Weight:  10Kg/m2
Max. Weight Capacity:  Pedestrian Only
Typical Uses:  Pedestrian walkways, marquee flooring.