Autotrak Lock Pod Secure Storage Unit

Steel Storage Container

The Locpod secure storage unit is a cost effective, lightweight alternative to normal 20′ storage containers.

The double locking, watertight Locpod measures 4m x 2m x 2m and weighs 500kg empty and can be deployed in the most remote and inaccessible locations using a 4×4 vehicle and uniquely designed transportation and deployment trailer system.

Although the Locpod storage unit has been mainly used for the UK Film Industry it is ideal for anyone who needs secure on-location storage space.

To find out more about the Locpod storage unit please contact us for more information.

Technical Specifications
Construction Material:  Steel
Unit Dimensions:  4000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm
Unit Weight (Empty):  500Kg
Max. Weight Capacity:  4 tonnes
Typical Uses:  On Location secure storage