A Portable Roadway Week

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Portable Roadway Week

Hello and welcome to our weekly catchup about what’s been going on here at Autotrak.

It seems to have been a week for portable roadway.  We’ve had a couple of interesting jobs and both of them included medium-duty or heavy-duty roadway.

First of all we were on the Isle of Wight for a wedding.  Normally when we mention weddings it’s to do with marquee flooring or car parks but this time it was to provide roadway for access.  Because of the ground conditions our medium-duty roadway was the most suitable option so that is what we installed.

The second project is still on going.  Somewhere in the Maidenhead area (we can’t say exactly where) there is a new Carling advert being filmed.  The Location Manager asked us to provide both heavy-duty roadway and medium-duty roadway for access to and around the location.  Our roadway will be there for the next two weeks.

That’s about it for now.  There are a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline but it’s too soon to mention them.  If you would like any information about any of our roadway products please don’t hesitate to call us.

See you next week.