Portable Roads

Photo of portable road in a desert
Portable Roads Anywhere!

Portable roads are exactly what it says on the tin – roads that can be picked up and put down where ever you need them to go.  In our case the roads are formed by interlocking panels especially designed to withstand high volumes of traffic over soft or unstable ground.

The purpose of a portable road is to provide access where none exists or the access is unsuitable for the traffic you expect.  In the events industry, portable roads are used to provide access around a greenfield site for production crew and visitors with a special emphasis on tracks leading to car parking (it doesn’t take a lot of rain to cause a mud bath as we all know too well).  In the film industry our portable roads are used to move crew and equipment around sets on location – especially in hard to access locations.

We provide two main types of portable road – heavy-duty and medium-duty – depending on your requirements and all of our roads are designed to be installed quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Please contact us for more information about how Autotrak’s portable roads can help you get access to your event.