Plane Perfection

Last week we told you about how we helped move an aeroplane using our heavy duty portable roadway.

This week we have the photographs so that you can see the actual process that took place.

A photo of an aeroplane being winched

The crane from Lee Lifting was supported by the heavy duty roadway.

Working alongside Lee Lifting Services, who provided the crane to remove the aircraft, we set up our heavy duty portable roadway so that the crane had strong enough support to physically lift the craft up and take it to another part of the film studio.

Photo of the crane support

Strength and Support needed

The entire operation went extremely well with no mishaps or problems. The plane was safely delivered thanks to the professionalism and hard work of all concerned.

A picture of a plane being winched

Plane perfection with our heavy duty roadway

If you would like a plane removed, or need to talk to us about our heavy duty roadway for other operations then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.