Mud Needn’t Ruin the Fun

The one thing that constantly amazes us is how festival goers are never daunted by the weather and we’ve put together a few photos to celebrate their determination to have fun.

The theme is mud and whilst these folk are having a good time it doesn’t have to be this way if you contact Autotrak for information about our portable roadway and trackway products.

It’s one thing to have fun in the mud but another if you want to move vehicles and people around your site easily and safely!

(You can click all the images for a larger version)

photo from Reading Festival 2011

Reading Festival 2011

Photo from Isle of Wight 2012

Isle of Wight 2012

Photo from Download 2012

Download 2012

photo from Leeds 2013

Leeds 2013

Hats off to the great British public!