Marquee Flooring Hire

Marquee Flooring Hire is one of our most searched for products so let’s have a look at what marquee flooring is all about.

Photo showing super track flooring being laid

Marquee Flooring at Cardiff Castle (Click for larger image)

Marquee flooring obviously goes in marquees and one of the reason that clients hire marquees is that they are not limited to specific locations – the marquee can be installed pretty much anywhere the client wishes.  This means that the marquee can be in the middle of a field, a shopping plaza or the grounds of a famous castle.  (We work closely with The Amazing Tent Company and we have provided marquee flooring for them in some pretty impressive locations).

It is essential therefore that the flooring for the marquee has certain characteristics that match the needs of the client.  It must be lightweight so that it can be installed easily, especially in difficult to access areas, yet it must also be strong and hardwearing so that it protects the surface upon which it is laid and provide a suitable surface for people to walk over.

Photo showing super track flooring on pallets

Marquee Flooring (Click for larger image)

The photos show us installing marquee flooring for an event for 3500 people held in the grounds of Cardiff Castle.  Access to this site was through a small gateway over a wooden drawbridge! Protecting the grounds of this historic site was of paramount importance.

We use Super Track Flooring for marquees as it has all the qualities needed.  We could bring pallets of flooring onto the site with a forklift and then manually lay the floor knowing that the materials were strong enough to cope with 3500 people and also protect the surface of the castle grounds.

The Cardiff Castle installation was for a very large number of people but the same qualities of our flooring apply to any size event.  Contact us if you would like to know more about our marquee flooring hire.  We would love to hear from you.