Autotrak’s PHD SignaRoad is the most versatile heavy-duty composite trackway in the Industry. Designed to be used in a wide range of applications, from temporary access roadway to cover a complete working compounds.

SignaRoad composite mats provide superior temporary access for almost any vehicle, and have an efficient, easy-to-use connection system. SignaRoad composite matting creates strong, stable, nonshifting work platforms, and temporary site access and pedestrian walkways that reduce the risk of accidents.

SignaRoad’s interlocking design features overlapping/underlapping flanges that lock together to create a continuous surface over uneven and soft ground and prevents shifting, separation and hopping under heavy rolling loads.

Technical Specifications
Construction Materials Composite Plastic
Unit Dimensions 2000mm (L) x 3000mm (W) 64mm (D)
Surface Area 1900mm x 2800mm
Unit Weight 225 kg
Max Weight Capacity 80 tonnes
Typical uses High risk sites, heavy traffic, car parking areas and working compound
heavy duty plastic roadway