Ground Protection Mats

Photo of ground protection mat

Ground Protection Mat

Autotrak ground protection mats or matting is used where:

  • The location is very difficult to access
  • Grass surfaces need to be protected
  • An overflow car park is needed
  • Unit base pads and dust¬†suppression is required

Although we have many different products for all kinds of temporary road way uses, the ground protection mats we use for the specific needs listed above is Rhino Mat.

This particular matting can easily be moved around as required and can be transported and used in very difficult to reach locations making it ideal for temporary roadway as well as ground protection matting. Depending on surface conditions the mats can carry loads of up to 18 tonnes.

Our ground protection mats are used throughout the UK and for some really interesting projects – they’ve even been part of a world record!

To find out more about the Rhino Mat ground protection mat or any of our temporary roadway products please contact us.  We have the solution.