Festival Feet and Flooring


Photo of Autotrak pedestrian walkway

Autotrak Pedestrian Walkway

Festival season is now well and truly upon us and with a great line up of fantastic events going on up and down the country, Autotrak really come into their own, providing a myriad of temporary, but essential, pedestrian walkways and floorings for dance-floors and bars ensuring the country’s festival-going-feet have a comfortable and durable surface to dance upon and to walk on.

But it’s not just those festival-going-feet we look after, our hard-duty and medium duty trackways and rhino-matting guarantee that cars, lorries, tour buses and all the set-up vehicles bringing in supplies, acts, marquees and just about everything else can efficiently move around a site without getting clogged up or bogged down.

Last week we were in the nation’s capital installing pedestrian walkways and rhino matting (for vehicle access) for Rioja Taspas Fantasticas 2013, this week we’ve been busy working on the Taste of London event.

But don’t just take our word for it, WOMAD’s Head of Operations, last year called our trackway: “the best plastic product out there”.

So if you’re organising an event or a film location and you need storage or trackway, or security fences, or marquee floors, or pedestrian walkways make sure you get in contact with us.