Event Marquee Flooring Hire

Photo of marquee flooring being installed

Installing Event Marquee Flooring
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Last week I wrote about how our Super Track Flooring was ideal for temporary pathway hire. This week I want to highlight another fantastic use of the flooring and that is its suitability for event marquee flooring.

Event marquee flooring faces a number of challenges:  It must be able to cope with a large number of people/high volume of traffic, be suitable for ground protection, be able to take the weight of staging and bars (plus provide a stable surface for them) and be able to be installed and de-rigged quickly.

Super Track Flooring ticks all the boxes.  It is made from recyclable polypropylene which is an extremely lightweight yet strong and durable material.  Its strength provides the ability to protect the ground and provide a stable surface.  The durability of the material makes it ideal for high volume traffic yet, being so lightweight, means it is easy to move about and install.

Super Track Flooring really is the perfect product for event marquee flooring hire so if you would like more information please call us now with all your questions.