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Trackway Panels

We have a number of different types of trackway panel depending on your needs, the volume of traffic expected over them, the ease/difficulty of access to the site and the ground conditions. Here is a summary of each trackway panel: Product Material Size Unit Weight Uses Heavy Duty Trackway Panel Aluminium 3000mm x 2500mm 260 […]

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Sporting Event Roadway

The 2012 London Olympic’s were a fantastic sporting event to work with and this is not the first sporting event we have worked on we have also worked with Wimbledon, Twickenham, Wembley, Badminton and Wentworth, to name just a few. At sporting eventsĀ a selection of products are used including trackway, pedestrian walkways and overflow car […]

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Heavy Trakway in a stadium

Trackway Hire

Trackway is used in the Events industry as the generic name for all types of vehicle roadway. At Autotrak we provide two types of trackway hire: Heavy Duty Roadway and Medium Duty Roadway. The type of trackway that you need depends entirely on what you need it for. The amount of traffic, the weight of […]

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Photo of trackway in Namibia