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Mud Needn’t Ruin the Fun

The one thing that constantly amazes us is how festival goers are never daunted by the weather and we’ve put together a few photos to celebrate their determination to have fun. The theme is mud and whilst these folk are having a good time it doesn’t have to be this way if you contact Autotrak […]

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Photo from Download 2012

Temporary Roadway Safe Access

Last week we posted recommendations from the Purple Guide concerning safe site access. As we said in the post, it is often difficult to provide access due to the temporary nature of many events and their location – often in the countryside, nearly always in fields. As events themselves are temporary, it stands to reason […]

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Photo of a helicopter on an aluminium roadway pad

Safe Site Access

In the Transport Management Section of The Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events there are a number of references to site access and so we thought it would be useful to highlight them here. (The text in bold was added by us). Transport Management The first is from Section 7.7: […]

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Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Event

Have you seen the long range weather forecast? Without wanting to sound pessimistic it doesn’t look too brilliant and hopefully it is wrong as long range forecasts often are but the weather is expected to be unsettled and that means a high probability of rain. Rain is something we can all do with out but as we’ve […]

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Photo of roadway and mud

Temporary Roadway Hire – Anywhere!

It really doesn’t matter to us where you want your temporary roadway installed – here at Autotrak we pride ourselves on being able to install temporary roadway pretty much anywhere. When we say pretty much anywhere we are not just talking about halfway up a mountain or a muddy festival field. We are talking about […]

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Photo of temporary roadway in Namibia

Temporary Road Mats

Autotrak supply temporary road mats that enable safe access to and around greenfield events. We have a number of different solutions: Rhino mats – great for difficult to access locations and can take loads of up to 18 tonnes Heavy Duty Roadway – 3m x 2.5m aluminium panels that can take loads of up to 100 […]

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Temporary Roadway/Carpark for Private Parties

We had a job this week that involved installing some temporary roadway access and car parking at a private residence somewhere in the UK. Most people when they think of temporary roadway and temporary car parks think of access to festivals, concerts, and on film locations but you will be surprised to know that we […]

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