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How Many Road Mats Do I Need?

To avoid this kind of thing happening – having temporary roadway available for your event is essential to ensure the event runs smoothly and cars do not sink in the mud come rain, hail, snow or shine. But exactly how much do you need? Here at Autotrak we will be able to help you with that […]

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Countdown to WOMAD

12 weeks, five days and 16 hours to go before the start of WOMAD.  That’s the countdown for visitors but for contractors to the event at Charlton Park, Wiltshire in late July the countdown starts a bit earlier. We are pleased to be providing heavy-duty and medium-duty roadway, pedestrian walkway and rhino mats for the […]

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A Portable Roadway Week

Hello and welcome to our weekly catchup about what’s been going on here at Autotrak. It seems to have been a week for portable roadway.  We’ve had a couple of interesting jobs and both of them included medium-duty or heavy-duty roadway. First of all we were on the Isle of Wight for a wedding.  Normally […]

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