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Roadway for Film and TV

For many years now we have been involved in providing temporary roadway for the Film and TV Industries. It doesn’t matter where the film is being made, whether it’s southern Africa, the Scottish Highlands and all points in between, Autotrak have been there providing on-location access, pedestrian walkways, dust suppression matting, storage, security fencing and […]

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Piles of roadway

Autotrak At Secret Film Location

Autotrak are currently on location at a secret location somewhere in the South East, ok, we’ll tell you – we are somewhere in Surrey, setting up temporary roadway and rhino matting for a forthcoming British Film production. We have laid matting so that trucks, caravans and all the other vehicles which will be coming and […]

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Temporary Roadway for Film

For a number of years now Autotrak have been supplying temporary roadway to the film industry. We’ve had the privilege of working on some of the best films in locations all around the UK. Skyfall for example was filmed in both Scotland and Surrey. Film production companies come to Autotrak because they know that we […]

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Photo of Daniel Craig watching Autotrak

TV and Film is our Forte

Among our many skills we also can proudly boast about the work we have done for many years within the UK film and TV industry. We have worked with lots of celebrities and well known programmes and consider ourselves as market leaders in this sector including, Harry Potter, Robin Hood, Hot Fuzz, The World is […]

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A photo of the film Hot Fuzz

Camera Dolly Track Base

Autotrak’s roadway has a number of uses other than providing access for vehicles and pedestrians. One such use can be found in Film and TV production as a camera dolly track base. In the photo you can see the track base in action at a football match. As a camera dolly track base the roadway […]

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Photo of our trackway used as a Camera Trolly Track Base

Jupiter Ascending and Fencing

Welcome to another weekly update about what’s going on here at Autotrak. We are working at various locations around the UK for the film Jupiter Ascending due to be released next year. ¬†We are supplying medium-duty roadway, rhino mats and security fencing for the production company involved in making the film. The security fencing leads […]

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Autotrak logo

Autotrak Roadway, Susan Boyle and The Muppets!

There are a few exciting Autotrak news updates this week involving film production. Our medium duty and heavy duty roadway have been used on two exciting locations recently. We have been up in the Cotswolds on set of the film production for ‘The Christmas Candle’ starring Susan Boyle, filming is taking place at Stanway House […]

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Poster of the muppets film

Thursday Mourning & Autotrack

Last week I mentioned that we were working on-location for Thursday Mourning (the working title here in the UK – A.K.A. Thor: The Dark World). We are providing medium-duty and heavy-duty roadway and here are a few photos of us in action at The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich:

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Photo of Autotrack at Greenwich Naval College

On Location Update

On Location Update: We are still in Namibia for a few more weeks on location for Mad Max: Fury Road but filming has also moved to Cape Town as so our team is there too. Closer to home we are working on location of Fast 6, Thursday Mourning (Thor: The Dark World) and Jack Ryan. […]

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Promo photo from Jack Ryan

Autotrak and James Bond Pt 3

Part 3 of what’s becoming a series of blogs (Part 1 and Part 2 here) shows more pictures from Autotrak on location of Skyfall. If you’ve seen the film then you will recognise a few of the subjects of these photos but even if you haven’t you will still recognise Daniel Craig, Mr James Bond […]

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Photo of Daniel Craig watching Autotrak