Autotrak Roadway, Susan Boyle and The Muppets!

Poster of the muppets film


There are a few exciting Autotrak news updates this week involving film production. Our medium duty and heavy duty roadway have been used on two exciting locations recently.

We have been up in the Cotswolds on set of the film production for ‘The Christmas Candle’ starring Susan Boyle, filming is taking place at Stanway House near Cheltenham. Our medium duty roadway is being used on location – this roadway is most commonly and widely used in the film industry because it is very portable and can be used when access to a location is a problem. Read Susan’s update on her time filming her first movie; spot the Autotrak roadway!

Another of our big projects was the use of our heavy duty roadway – which has made the news before – and our medium duty roadway on the set of the new Muppets film, ‘The Muppets… Again’! The film will be released in March next year and has some big names starring, find out more about it here. We supplied roadway on-location at RAF Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire. It was a very last minute project, with the roadway being ordered at 8pm on the Friday to be delivered on the Saturday morning. Obviously this last minute order wasn’t a problem for us as we have a 24/7 response service; we provide a next day or same day emergency call out for the UK and Europe.