Autotrak laying Trackway

About Us

Autotrak was set up in 1994 by Michael and Maria Fox and today it is still a family owned business based in Oxfordshire although now employing 15 staff, holding many kilometres of portable roadway, trackway, walkway and security fencing and designing and developing their own products (Autotrak developed the first medium duty trackway for example).  All this is a far cry from those days when there was only Michael and Maria and no equipment!

Michael and Maria built their business around three core principles: To always be helpful, cheery and provide good advice regardless of the size of the order, to source from UK manufacturers where ever possible and to be environmentally conscious.

Autotrak only use products made from recyclable materials.  Roadway and pathway panels are designed to be as lightweight as possible yet cover as wide an area as possible which means we can reduce transportation requirements and lower our carbon footprint.

Not only are we environmentally conscious in the design of our products.   We have solar panels installed and use solar light tubes in our office and warehouse to reduce electricity usage, we have waste recycling collection and we have even designed a unique panel cleaning machine that filters the mud from the cleaning water to be recycled as top soil.

Here at Autotrak we are proud of our employee retention record, staff just don’t seem to want to leave but we are even prouder of our customer service.  We care for our customers in an exceptional manner, as you will find out when you get in touch with us.  Remember, no query is too small and we will always provide you with the advice and service that is best for you.