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Trackway Panels

We have a number of different types of trackway panel depending on your needs, the volume of traffic expected over them, the ease/difficulty of access to the site and the ground conditions. Here is a summary of each trackway panel: Product Material Size Unit Weight Uses Heavy Duty Trackway Panel Aluminium 3000mm x 2500mm 260 […]

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Mud Needn’t Ruin the Fun

The one thing that constantly amazes us is how festival goers are never daunted by the weather and we’ve put together a few photos to celebrate their determination to have fun. The theme is mud and whilst these folk are having a good time it doesn’t have to be this way if you contact Autotrak […]

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Photo from Download 2012

Temporary Walkway over Grass

There are many occasions where you need to hire temporary walkway to go over grass; festivals, weddings, private parties, corporate events, outdoor exhibitions and so on. You need the temporary walkway to protect the grass but you also need to ensure safe access over the surface, especially if it is uneven or wet. Here at […]

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