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How Many Road Mats Do I Need?

To avoid this kind of thing happening – having temporary roadway available for your event is essential to ensure the event runs smoothly and cars do not sink in the mud come rain, hail, snow or shine. But exactly how much do you need? Here at Autotrak we¬†will be able to help you with that […]

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What Do Hippos & Heavy Duty Roadway Have in Common?

Here’s a little teaser for a Friday. What do hippos and Heavy Duty Roadway have in common? Did you know that a fully grown Large Hippo (as opposed to a Pigmy Hippo) can weigh up to 3.5 tonnes? Did you know that our heavy duty roadway can carry weights of up to 100 tonnes? This […]

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Photo of hippos in mud

Would You Like A Free Site Survey?

Did you know we offer a free on-site survey which will provide you with all the information you need and an in-depth review of the best possible solutions that would meet the correct requirements for your event – taking into account all the various elements that makes your event unique. Our surveyors will take into […]

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