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Our Heavy Duty Roadway Makes the News

Our Heavy Duty Roadway was on the national news this week! Admittedly the story wasn’t about us or our roadway but nevertheless we were on the news.  Let me explain. The news item was about two top Italian defence executives being arrested in a bribery scandal over the sale of 12 helicopters to India.  The […]

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Ground Protection Mats

Autotrak ground protection mats or matting is used where: The location is very difficult to access Grass surfaces need to be protected An overflow car park is needed Unit base pads and dust suppression is required Although we have many different products for all kinds of temporary road way uses, the ground protection mats we use […]

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Photo of ground protection mat

Planning & Fleet Increase

We are at that stage of the year when we are planning for the summer which means lots of maintenance and thinking about logistics. One thing that we have identified is the need to increase our fleet in order to be able to cover more jobs. Arriving soon is an 18 Tonne DAF that will […]

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Event Marquee Flooring Hire

Last week I wrote about how our Super Track Flooring was ideal for temporary pathway hire. This week I want to highlight another fantastic use of the flooring and that is its suitability for event marquee flooring. Event marquee flooring faces a number of challenges:  It must be able to cope with a large number […]

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Photo of marquee flooring being installed

Temporary Pathway Hire

Here at Autotrak we have a number of products to chose from that are suitable for temporary pathway hire and by far the most popular option is our Super Track Flooring. This temporary pathway is used at festivals and film locations around the country because it is durable yet lightweight.  This means it can be […]

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Photo of Temporary Pathway