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Autotrak and James Bond Pt 3

Part 3 of what’s becoming a series of blogs (Part 1 and Part 2 here) shows more pictures from Autotrak on location of Skyfall. If you’ve seen the film then you will recognise a few of the subjects of these photos but even if you haven’t you will still recognise Daniel Craig, Mr James Bond […]

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Photo of Daniel Craig watching Autotrak

Autotrak and James Bond Pt 2

Last Wednesday I posted a video of Autotrak up in Scotland working on location for Skyfall, the new James Bond film.  Here today are some photos of us working on location in Surrey for the film. We installed heavy-duty and medium-duty roadway all round the set for film vehicles and one of our steel storage […]

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Forth photo of Autotrak working on the new Bond film

Autotrak and James Bond

With the premier last night of Skyfall and the film going out on general release this Friday it is a good time to share just how none of this would have been possible without Autotrak.  OK, that might be a slight exaggeration but we were involved in the filming on location in Scotland, providing portable roadway, […]

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Autotrak in Namibia

We’ve just got back from two weeks holiday in Namibia visiting our team working on location for the new Mad Max 4 film and helping out where needed.  That sounds more like work I can hear you saying but without sounding corny, work is a holiday to us! Everything is going well in Namibia although […]

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Image showing Namibia on the map