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Best Plastic Product Out There

We’ve just received an amazing endorsement. “Your trackway is the best plastic product out there” – Head of Operations – WOMAD Thank you.

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Locpod Steel Store Container

Secure storage for equipment on film locations and events is paramount but quite often there just isn’t the space or easy access to the location to allow you to use a standard 20′ steel store container. That is why we have developed the Locpod Storage Unit. The Locpod is a “baby steel store” measuring 4 […]

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Photo of the Locpod on location

Bad Weather Can Ruin Events

One of the main reasons that clients want portable roadway or pedestrian pathway is that they are worried about the possibility of bad weather ruining their event. Muddy roads, slippery paths, boggy car parks, are all problems that can occur with the advent of bad weather but using Autotrak products adds extra “insurance”. This year […]

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Image of storm clouds

Portable Roadway Prices

Quite naturally, the first question we are asked when a new client gets in touch with us is, “How much will it cost?” We can’t give a definitive answer here because every project is different but what we can say is that installing portable roadway for your event or film location will not be as expensive as […]

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Temporary Portable Roadway Survey

When deciding which temporary portable roadway you need for your event you have to ask yourself a number of questions: Where is it going to go?  – Is the location of your event easily accessible or in a forest, across many fields or up a mountain? How is it going to be used? – Are you […]

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Trakway Hire

Here at Autotrak we have a number of trakway systems that are available for hire. Our roadway systems are suitable for all occasions, traffic requirements, ground conditions or locations. Our pedestrian walkways can be used anywhere, allowing safe pedestrian access whatever the conditions and so versatile that they can be installed around obstacles or moved around […]

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Image of Medium Trakway

Emmerdale 40th Birthday

Exciting times!  We’ve just heard that we’ve been awarded the contract to work on the Emmerdale 40th Birthday special to be broadcast in October themed From Cradles to Grave. The hour long live episode will be filmed entirely on-location at the Emmerdale village. In other news: We are working hard in Namibia on location for Mad Max 4: […]

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Emmerdale Logo

Marquee Flooring Hire

Marquee Flooring Hire is one of our most searched for products so let’s have a look at what marquee flooring is all about. Marquee flooring obviously goes in marquees and one of the reason that clients hire marquees is that they are not limited to specific locations – the marquee can be installed pretty much […]

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